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There will be two rounds of competition, preliminary and final.


1.1 Preliminary Round

For the preliminary round, participants may either take part in a live audition or submit a video online.


For online video submissions, you will be required to submit the URL address of your video recording in your online registration. It is your responsibility to make a clear video recording and upload it correctly to the online video website for the jury to review. No modification or editing should be made to the video and audio.

For candidates who are qualified for the final round through the live audition, a certificate will be awarded at the end of the audition. For video submissions, a soft copy of the certificate will be sent by email by 20 July 2020.


1.2 Final Round          

The final round will take place on 1st February 2020 at MES Theatre at Mediacorp 

Lee Foundation Theatre, 1 Stars Avenue Singapore138507 or Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts,151 Bencoolen St,Singapore 189655 .


The prize-giving ceremony will be held at MES Theatre at Mediacorp ,1 Stars Avenue Singapore, 138507.

A Steinway & Sons Model D grand piano will be provided for candidates to perform.
More detailed information will be provided soon.

The competition is opened to candidates of all nationalities and background, aged 32 and below.


Professional categories:


Any practising music professional  or any student who is enrolled in a specialist music/arts institution may only join the Professional categories.This applies to college as well as pre-college students.  

3.1 Age Categories

• Children Category A:     6 years old and below     ( Born after February 1, 2013)

• Children Category B:     10 years old and below   ( Born after February 1, 2009)

• Children Category C:     12 years old and below   ( Born after February 1, 2007)

• Teenagers Category:      15 years old and below   ( Born after February 1, 2004)

• Youth Category  :            19 years old and below   ( Born after February 1, 2000)

• Open Category A:           25 years old and below   ( Born after February 1, 1994)

• Open Category B:            32 years old and below  ( Born after February 1, 1987)


3.2 Professional Categories 

  • Professional Category A:    12 years old and below   ( Born after February 1, 2007)

  • Professional Category B:    15 years old and below   ( Born after February 1, 2004)

  • Professional Category C:    18 years old and below   ( Born after February 1, 2001)

  • Professional Category D:    25 years old and below    ( Born after February 1, 1994)

Children Category A:        free program up to 3 minutes
Children Category B:        free program up to 6 minutes
Children Category C:        free program up to 10 minutes
Teenager Category:          free program up to 12 minutes
Youth Category:                free program up to 15  minutes
Open Category A:            free program up to 20 minutes
Open Category B:             free program up to 25 minutes
Professional Category A:    free program up to 15 minutes
Professional Category B:    free program up to 18 minutes
Professional Category C:    free program up to 20 minutes
Professional Category D:    free program up to 25 minutes



*Contestants may choose the same piece(s) for both preliminary and final rounds.

All contestants must perform from memory.

*All pieces are to be be performed in the original version - simplified versions will not be allowed.

*Participants may enter more than one category but the pieces to be performed must be different.  Professional category participants may NOT enter an Amateur category, but an Amateur participant may enter a Professional category.


Prizes will be awarded based on the following point system:

Gold Prize: 88 and above

Silver Prize: 84 to 87

Bronze Prize: 80 to 83

Honourable Mention : 82 and below

For each finalist, we will remove the highest and the lowest points, and calculate the average of the remaining points. Judges are not allowed to evaluate their own students.


There will also be prizes for the Best Teacher and Best Performing Group.

7.Contact details
Tel: +65 6906 1852/+65 8500 5262
Website: www.imasg.org
Email:  imas201709@gmail.com
To register, or enquire about the application deadline, venue and date of the live auditions, you can contact your representatives in your city for more details.

Tel: +65 6906 1852

 +65 8553 9167

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